Solar companies are asked, “What is the #1 reason every California homeowner should install solar panels?”  Solar panel technology and solar energy have numerous attractive benefits for every California homeowner! Which one will suit you best, well that is up to you. Check out some of the top reasons below!

Increased Property Value & Payback Period

One reason why a California homeowner might move forward with a solar energy installation is to invest in their home.  Solar panels drastically increase the property value of a home. In fact, the increase in property value is often larger than the cost of the system itself. Another great reason homeowners choose solar is the payback period. Typically, the average payback period for a solar system is between five and seven years.  If you, as a homeowner plan on being in your home for at least this long, installing solar would be a worthy investment. Likewise, California continues to dominate the U.S. solar market with each passing year as stated by Solar Energy Industries Association. This increase is partially due to the fact that California recently signed a law that enforces all-newly built homes to be equipped with solar power by 2020 (New York Times).       

Solar Savings

California homeowners can also invest in solar for monetary savings.  Do you ever wonder sometimes where your money is going? Well, part of it goes to your high electrical bill.  The average homeowner “in California pays an average of 16 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh),[which is] among the highest rates in the nation,” according to comparative Analysis of Utility Services & Rates in California.  This translates to approximately a $100 electric bill, which isn’t including gas. Speaking of gas, solar energy is one of the only natural and renewable resources that aren’t subject to market changes. Other resources such as oil, coal, and of course, natural gases are all examples of energy sources that fluctuate, monetarily, according to the market.  When you invest in solar energy panels, you are protected from rising electricity rates (Learn more about this in our article How Solar Projects Your Home From Increasing Electricity Rates).  

Environmental Impact

Another reason, a California homeowner might choose to go solar is to help the environment.  With the earth getting warmer and warmer each passing year, new research and developments have pushed homeowners to think about other ways in which they can help the environment (National Geographic).  Solar companies are also doing their part and offering their services but also offering easy and affordable payment options to help every homeowner go solar. Furthermore, these programs advertise solar power systems for homes that allow homeowners to offset their electrical bills, with little to no money down.  In addition, homeowners who go solar are also able to go solar without paying any additional money out of pocket!

So, what is the #1 reason every California homeowner should install solar panels?  The truth is, there isn’t just one reason why homeowners should install solar on their property.  The reasons to invest in solar are endless, allowing homeowners to make the decision on their own.