Electricity costs have you going crazy?  Is your electric bill through the roof each month?  Are you ready to start producing your own solar energy and begin saving?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, get ready to learn how solar energy can protect your home from increasing electricity rates!

Rate Changes

Over the past decade, PG&Es electricity rates have risen by 90%!  This percentage accounts for factors like inflation, supply & demand, economy market fluctuations, etc. In fact, the average U.S. household spends about $1,200 per year on electricity alone.  Imagine what else you could do with that extra cash!

Solar Benefits

One of the many benefits of switching to solar energy and solar panels in California is the ability to produce your own energy and live completely off-grid.  Homeowners in California and other states who choose to go solar start saving on day one, while avoiding increasing energy rates. Oil, coal, and natural gases are all examples of energy sources that fluctuate according to the market.  Solar energy, however; is an energy source that remains constant and unaffected by market shifts and fluctuations. When you invest in solar energy panels, you are protected from rising electricity rates.

Going solar is an investment, and there are many programs designed for homeowners who are looking for zero dollars down options in addition to other programs that cost little to no money out of pocket.  Most solar companies understand this and have designed payment programs and options to help homeowners go solar. These programs range from helping homeowners go solar with no additional money out of pocket and little to no money down.  Likewise, homeowners start saving with solar energy panels starting on the first day their system is active. The Federal Government also helps homeowners go solar as well, by offering a limited-time 30% tax credit. The full 30% tax rebate is effective until the end of 2019; however, the following year, the tax credit will start decreasing annually until it disappears (learn more about this by checking out our article on rebates, credits, and savings).

Another benefit of solar energy and solar power is the increase in property value you’ll receive.  Installing solar on your property will increase the property value of your home, on average, by more than the solar panel system price.  This value really comes in handy if and when you decide to sell your home. Some companies even have discount or incentives for customers who go solar with them multiple times.  

Going solar can also have enormous environmental benefits.  Creating your own renewable, sustainable energy can feel so good!  And don’t forget about net energy metering (NEM), which helps you offset PG&E costs while using the energy you’ve produced from your solar panels!